The dbc1 provides audio support for up to 24 camera channels with full control over every aspect of camera talkback and programme sound feeds utilising only one port of the main talkback system. In most cases the dbc system more than pays for itself in savings on the main talkback matrix size while adding the extra flexibility only the dbc camera talkback system provides. Integrating the dbc into a existing talkback matrix releases previously unavailable ports and can be a low cost method of effectively expanding your talkback matrix.
Shown here is the dbc1-24 controlling 24 camera channels.
The dbc can be used as both a 'stand alone' system to service your cameras or integrated into your current talkback system using GPIs.
The dbc1 may be controlled via it's front panel interface, which can be (optionally) remoted from the central electronics. Features include:
  • Full control of each camera's talkback, reverse talkback and programme sound levels.
  • Switching of each individual camera between two production talkback and programme sound feeds, perfect for those situations where cameras are swapping between presentation and match coverage.
  • Supports up to four vision panels
  • Each camera may be assigned a 2, 3 or 4 line talkback interface
  • Two line interface will divert reverse camera talkback from production to engineering when the vision engineer keys to talk to the camera. Engineering is heard on the production TB line to the camera.
  • Three line interface is as two line but also using a dedicated reverse engineering line from the camera, so not requiring the production talkback divert.
  • Four line interface is for use with the latest cameras which have separate talkback lines both to and from production and engineering.
  • Interface programmable for each camera, ideal when using hired in cameras which may have different facilities from your own.
  • The dbc only requires one port of existing talkback system to control up to 24 cameras
  • Control 16 or 24 cameras in 2U
  • Reverse camera talkback 'signal present' leds. Find out quickly which camera has left reverse talkback
  • Retains all programming on power down All audio inputs and outputs are on 56 pin Edac connectors.
  • All external panels connect to the system via D9 connectors

dbc1 rear

This is the dbc source switcher. This 1RU unit is supplied with the dbc 1 controller. dbc1 rear

Vision control panels are available to suit all system configurations. Shown below is the 24 camera panel.
dbc1 rear

Features include:
  • Reverse camera talkback led indicators
  • Talk status leds
  • PTB 1 / PTB 2 assignment led indicators
  • Press key down to talk or up to latch talk