Dante™ enabled products: DDM888, EDA16, B-D2020, DIO1600, SCD1010, DIO1616MA/XLR, DIO8008R, DIO816AES, DPM802, DCD2020.
Also the new Tasta, the new dBbox3, RMA400 and our new beltpack range.

Following the success of our dBbox series we now also offer a budget test unit for engineers that only require analogue facilities.

Features include line level monitoring, microphone level monitoring with or without phantom power, tone generation, noise generation, phantom voltage check, a four-wire box facility, two wire monitoring, audio test tone loop and XLR cable test.

The Testa includes a balanced combo XLR/Jack input and an XLR balanced output, two headphone sockets (6.35mm and 3.15mm) and a torch LED. It has a built in microphone and speaker and is supplied with a belt clip. The unit uses a standard nine volt battery or may be powered from its micro USB socket which may may also be used to update the Testa‘s firmware. All settings are retained in non-volatile memory.
Operation of the device has been made as simple as possible using three push buttons and a 128*32 OLED white on black display which includes a level meter with PPM or VU style scale and ballistics. The unit includes an auto power off function.

More details on the Testa here

The DDM888 is a 1RU Dante enabled stereo monitor unit with two high/midrange speakers and a single bass driver for quality monitoring.

The unit can access sixteen stereo network inputs, eight stereo analogue inputs, eight balanced AES inputs and eight stereo SDI audio channels. There is also a programmable preset button for monitoring frequently used combinations. The unit includes a stereo meter which may be selected to analogue PPM style metering with phase indication or bargraph. The unit may be operated using Power over Ethernet or 110-240VAC mains.

More details on the DDM888 here

The EDA16 Unit embeds and de-embeds eight SDI audio channels in each direction.

More details on the EDA16 here

The B-D2020 is a compact, lightweight network presenter beltpack unit designed to fulfill all audio requirements for situations such as pitchside reporting or presenting. The unit generates a top quality programme sound microphone output with noiseless diversion of that output to two discreet talkback outputs plus a combined feed. There are two volume controls, each volume control may be fed with stereo or mono audio. Various talkback key functions, microphone gain, limiter, phantom power and sidetone are all conveniently adjusted using the OLED display. The display also shows on-air or talk status and meters the microphone audio for confidence. The unit may be operated using Power over Ethernet or via a 12 volt DC adaptor.

More details on the B-D2020 here

We offer the third incarnation of the dBbox updated with many new features. Several ‘under the bonnet’ hardware changes have been made on the transition from dBbox2 to dBbox3.
As well as all its normal features the dBbox2 now has a more efficient power supply for longer battery life and there is also an auto power off system. The accuracy of the test timecode generator has been improved and the cable tester now also tests the XLR earth wire. Improvements have been made to the MIDI circuitry and we have added a LED ‘torch’. We have increased the loudspeaker volume and other improvements have been made for more flexibility with future firmware updates.

More details on the dBbox3 here

    See what our friends in the USA have to say about the dBbox3

The DIO1600 is a Dante enabled interface converting sixteen analogue line level inputs and sixteen analogue line level outputs to the audio network. All line level inputs and outputs have adjustable gain from +12dB to -12dB. The unit can operate at 48kHz or 96kHz sample rates.

There are three versions of the DIO1600, the 2RU XLR version which may be specified XLRs front or rear and the 1RU version for hard wired installation.

More details on the DIO1600/XLR here

As well as our ethernet enabled Dante commentary boxes and most of our Dante range being eminently suitable for remote production we now offer our RMA400 quad embedding ethernet controlled microphone amplifier. This unit has its own dedicated Windows application and offers easy and fast noiseless adjustment of microphone parameters including Gain, limiters, phantom power, pads and high pass filters from almost anywhere.

More details on the RMA400 here

The SCD1010 is a cost effective Dante Commentary box supporting one commentator. Network connection may be fibre or copper and it has full network redundancy. Microphone amplifier gain and many other adjustments such as phantom power and limit levels may be controlled remotely via the SCD1010's web server. In addition to the commentary box functions there is a built in Dante breakout box with three analogue inputs and six analogue outputs. These inputs and outputs have level controls and may be assigned to local commentary box or network functions, the SCD1010 may even be used as a standalone analogue unit. The SCD1010 can operate at sample rates of 48kHz and 96kHz and may be powered 240V mains, 12 volt or PoE. There is a built in ethernet switch.

More details on the SCD1010 here

We have dragged our beltpack range into the 2020s and now present a whole new range of units.

Utilising our new custom designed lightweight aluminium cases with beltclips the range includes:

• B-DF4 A four channel Dante 4wire beltpack
• B-FW1 Four wire beltpack
• B-HPS Headphone and speaker monitor
• B-HPA Dual/stereo Headphone monitor unit

The beltpacks have built in OLED displays for easy setup of their many programmable parameters. In normal use the displays show input/output levels and status for user confidence. All units may be powered by a battery or external 9-16V DC apart from the Dante four wire unit which is PoE or external 9-16V DC.

More details on the beltpacks here

The DIO1616MA is a Dante interface unit converting sixteen analogue microphone or line level inputs to network streams and network streams to sixteen line level analogue outputs. All microphone/line level inputs have adjustable gain from +65dB to -12dB and the analogue outputs from +12dB to -12dB. The unit can also operate in AES67 mode.

There are two versions of the DIO1616MA, the 2RU XLR version primarily for use as a stage box and the 1RU version for hard wired installation.

Phantom power (48volt) may be selected to each microphone input with front panel indicators on the XLR version. Network connections may be copper and/or fibre and the unit includes full network redundancy. The DIO1616MA is PoE enabled so may be operated with or without a mains supply. All level control and phantom switching is adjusted using the built in web server. The unit operates at sample rates of 48kHz and 96kHz.

More details on the DIO1616MA/XLR here

The DCD2020 is a Dante enabled Commentary box supporting 2+1 commentators. Network connection may be fibre or copper and it has full network redundancy. Mic gains and other adjustments may be made on the local lockable LCD screen or remotely via the DCD2020's web page.
In addition to the commentary box functions there is a built in Dante breakout box with six analogue inputs and eight analogue outputs. Our firmware update to v2.0 includes level controls on all analogue I/O and each one may be assigned to network or local functions. The DCD2020 can even be used as if it was a stand alone analogue unit with no network connection. With 240V mains, 12 volt and PoE powering and a built in ethernet switch the DCD2020 can truly be the hub of your commentary system.

More details on the DCD2020 here

The DIO816AES is a simple and inexpensive way to get your AES audio into and out of the Dante or AES67 network. The unit has eight stereo AES inputs and eight stereo AES outputs with level controls. It can handle 48kHz and 96kHz AES sample rates and includes a secondary port for Dante Redundancy or a switch output. Now with issue 2 firmware, the DIO816AES also operates with 48kHz and 96kHz Dante or AES67 networks.

Both ports include network activity LEDs. Level and operational adjustments are made using the DIO816AES web page.

More details on the DIO816AES here

The DPM802 is a Dante enabled PoE Production monitor unit with eight Dante stereo inputs, one analogue stereo input and both Dante and analogue stereo outputs. The unit includes up to eight frames of programmable stereo delay plus cut, dim and a volume control.

The DPM802 has many features that may be programmed via its web page including key colours, delay time, input gains and remote control functions.

More details on the DPM802 here