Please note that these units are now supplied with front and rear panels in blue sparkle finish.

Available as an 8 channel unit in 1RU, 16 channel unit in 2RU and a 24 way unit in 3RU,the IU series of line identification units offer many useful features.

IU80 front

Each channel will record and playback up to 22 seconds of voice. Replayed idents may be just voice loop or looped ident plus tone or just steady tone. Circuits may be passed through the unit and will be interrupted when ident playback is selected.
The unit has fail-safe features to prevent accidental override of pass though circuits.
Should the unit lose power then all pass through circuits will continue without interruption
Each channel has it's own ident/tone level adjust tweak.
Channels are individually selectable to either just voice ident loop, ident + tone loop or just steady tone.

Pairs of channels may be ganged together for stereo use. In this case each voice ident may be individually recorded for left and right channels. If tone is also selected then the unit will syncronise the two voice idents and will then output either stereo EBU or Glits tone in a loop with tone duration programmable between 2 and 16 seconds.

The unit has a front panel mic level input for recording of voice idents.
Idents may be monitored via the built in amplifier and speaker.
A headphone socket accepting either A or B gauge jacks is also available on the IU160 and the IU240.
A one touch button will take all channels out of ident mode and put them into into Transmission (pass through) mode.

IU80rear Voice idents have 12kHz sample rate. Tone generator less than 0.1% distortion. Voice ident max. 22seconds per channel.
All inputs and outputs on XLR. IEC mains input.