Line level mixers - Sixmix Mix2 PTB4 Mix24 CTMD24

Please note that all of these units are now supplied with front and rear panels in blue sparkle finish.

The Sixmix is a 2U high rack mounting multiple mixer unit containing six discreet 6 into 1 line level mixers.
Ideal for mixing IFB and talkback feeds but of high quality so also suitable for programme sound applications.

Each 6 :1 mixer has its own led metering with PPM style ballistics.
All inputs and outputs are transformer decoupled and each channel has up to 12dB gain.


Rear panel inputs and outputs via 3 * Edac/ Elco connectors. AC Supply = 90-260 Volts 50/60Hz sixmixrr

The Mix2 is specified as the Sixmix above, but contains two discreet 6 into 1 line level mixers in a 1U rack mount case.

The Mix2 can be supplied with either Edac in/out or XLR connections.

The PTB4 has four 6 into 1 line level mixers with a difference. Three of the mixers are specified as per the Sixmix but one mixer has been especially designed for easy mixing of production talkback. The PTB mixer includes our OLED PPM 'analogue' style display with PPM ballistics and has a high quality compressor/limiter with adjustable threshold and attack/decay characteristics especially designed for maximum intelligibility.
PTB4 The PTB4 has Edac connection for audio inputs and outputs.
PTB4 rear
AC supply 110-240VAC 50/60Hz auto switching.
The Mix24 is a 24 into 1 active mixer in 1RU.
Originally designed for mixing reverse camera talkback each channel has 12dB of gain available.

Rear panel inputs and outputs via 2* Edac connectors. Output on XLR.

AC supply 110-240VAC 50/60Hz auto switching.
Originally designed for talkback mixing and distribution, the CTMD24 comprises a 24 into 1 mixer and a 1 to 24 Distribution amplifier. All inputs and outputs have gain controls with a range of off to +12dB. ctmd24
Rear panel distribution/mixer inputs and outputs via 4* Edac connectors. Main input and output on XLR.
ctmd24 rear

AC Supply = 110-240 Volts 50/60Hz Auto switching.