CTP Systems have always specialised in custom manufacture and we have produced literally thousands of custom units over the last twenty years.
We have designed and manufactured units for the majority of the major TV and facility companies in the UK and many abroad, from belt pack units to 35 panel studio talkback systems.

Shown here is a unit we designed and manufactured for ITV Studios for their Saturday night programme "Who Dares Sings", as specified by sound supervisor Kevin Duff. This Rack unit comprises 500 gain adjustable microphone amplifiers. Each microphone amplifier can be individually or 'block' switched to one audio output all under MIDI control.

Monitoring and metering units are a particular speciality of ours. Mono or stereo PPM metering, audio monitoring and switching.

Specialised talkback systems and add-ons are popular. These are some units we manufactured for ITN to interface with their new talkback system.

Although 90% of our custom products are audio based we do also manufacture items such as alarm systems and logic controlled switching systems. We designed and manufactured several of the units shown below. They interfaced into the control system for the remote cameras on "Big Brother".

If you have a requirement for custom equipment please contact us for a quotation.